A Study on the Possibility of Sustainable Utilization and Activity on Vacant Land and Vacant House by Local Citizens

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  • 低未利用地における地域主体の持続的な利活用及び活動の可能性に関する研究
  • Case study of Yokohama city Machi-bushin Developments
  • ヨコハマ市民まち普請事業を対象として


<p>This study aims to clarify the possibility of sustainable utilization and activity on vacant land and vacant house (VLH) by local citizens from case study of Yokohama city Machi-bushin development. As a result, from proposals until now, we revealed that changes of proposers from local communities to themed organizations, projects from improvements of park and plaza to establishments of activity bases, and proposal space from public space to private space through the utilization of VLH. Moreover, as the merit of VLH for proposers, the location was more important than economic efficiency, and proposers needed supports of advice about related systems and restrictions for utilization of VLH and information about vacant public space in the local region. Finally, we clarified that active cooperation with other local citizens and administrative organs is important for sustainable utilization and activity on VLH.</p>



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