Expansion of Integrated Database of Hanzi Dictionaries in Early Japan and its Combination with Japanese Readings

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  • 平安時代漢字字書総合データベースの拡張と和訓対応

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A General Database with the name of Integrated Database of Hanzi Dictionaries in Early Japan (abbreviated as HDIC) is being constructed by the members of the IKEDA Laboratory at Hokkaido University. The database includes the Kozanjibon Tenrei Bansho meigi 高山寺本篆隷万象名義, Tenjibon Shinsen Jikyo 天治本新撰字鏡, Zushoryobon Ruiju Myogi sho 図書寮本類聚名義抄, Kanchi'inbon Ruiju Myogi sho 観智院本類聚名義抄. A database of the dictionaries which are compiled in China, including Yupian 玉篇 and Daguang yihui Yupian 大広益会玉篇, is also being independently constructed in the laboratory. This Medieval China Dictionaries Database operates as a foundation for the HDIC. By comparing this data with the Shuowen jiezi 説文解字 and Guanyun 広韻, which have already been made public, we continue to proofread the database and input new data. The data discussed above is current focused on the Chinese characters, while the data for the Japanese readings is still under development. By supplying data from Chinese-Japanese character dictionaries from Muromachi 室町 (Medieval), Edo 江戸(Early modern), and Meiji 明治(Modern) periods, it is thought we can identify the Japanese readings for Hanzi Dictionaries in Early Japan with greater accuracy and efficiency than otherwise possible. The possible candidates this expansion are the Wagokuhen 和玉篇 for the Medieval era, Zozoku dai koekikai gyokuhen taizen 増続大広益会玉篇大全 (Teisai Mori) for the Early Modern era, and the Daijiten 大字典 (Kazutoshi Ueda) for the Modern era. In this presentation we will report on the current situation of the HDIC, and the outline of the attempted Daijiten extension.


  • IPSJ SIG Notes

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2015 (4), 1-8, 2015-05-09

    Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)


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