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Evaluation of Muscle Post-mortem Changes of Japanese Anchovy Engraulis japonicus and Round Herring Etrumeus teres and Recovery of ATP Concentration of Japanese Anchovy Following Brief Rest in a Fish Cage

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  • カタクチイワシとウルメイワシの筋肉死後変化とカタクチイワシの短期蓄養によるATP濃度回復

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Post-mortem changes in the muscle of Japanese anchovy and round herring after capture under commercial fishing conditions of stick-held dip net fishery were evaluated by measuring the concentrations of ATP-related compounds and rigor mortis. During the storage with ice and seawater after capture, the sum of ATP, ADP, and AMP were decreased faster in the muscle of round herring than those in the muscle of Japanese anchovy. K-values changed 0–4.6% and 0.1–4.2% for 6 hours after capture in Japanese anchovy and round herring, respectively. It was found that the onset of rigor mortis in Japanese anchovy was slower than that in round herring. The effect of resting period after capture on recovery of ATP concentration in the muscle of Japanese anchovy was examined by a modelling experiment. The ATP concentrations in the muscle from 1.1 hours to 72.2 hours of the recovery period were significantly lower than those before inducing the stress. The ATP concentrations were tended to recover at 96.2 hours of the resting period.



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