UAV operation system with a Torus Treadmill

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  • Torus Treadmillにおける歩行動作によるUAVの操縦


<p>Generally, when operating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in remote places, an operator watches images captured by a camera attached to the UAV and operates them with a controller. However, the operator cannot feel as if he is moving as a UAV. Walking is the most innate locomotion strategy in the real world for us. Therefore, in order to generate feelings as if walking in remote places by his/her own feet, it is sufficient to operate the UAV by using operator's walking motion. In this research, we use a locomotion interface named Torus Treadmill. By using this interface, the operator can walk infinitely to any directions. In addition, since the operator is maintained his/her position on the interface, grounded devices such as haptic devises or medical equipment can be used at the same time. In this study, we developed a prototype system and confirmed that the UAV can arrive to target positions by operating with operator's walking motion.</p>


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